Woodstock Reed Diffuser – Home Perfume – Warm Herbal Fragrance – Patchouli & Sandalwood


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Our luxurious reed diffusers look stunning in any interior, diffuse our signature scents through your home and make gorgeous gifts!

Woodstock is a strong earthy scent, with notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood. If you’re not into light and floral scents, this is the fragrance for you! A powerful herbal home fragrance, that will remind you of the 70s!

Our reed diffusers are stylish and minimalistic, with a glass vessel and black lid and rattan reeds. Every diffuser comes with 5 rattan reeds. The labels captivate the mood of the fragrance, with each scent having a different color! Packaged in a beautiful black box. Perfect for gift giving, because you don’t need an ultrasonic diffuser or the like!

Super easy to use! Just remove the stopper and add the rattan reeds. Set it anywhere in your home (avoid direct sunlight) and let it fill the air with our amazing fragrances! Flip the reeds every 2-3 days to refresh the scent.

Handcrafted in the Netherlands.
Contents: approx. 50ml

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Weight 250 g


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