White Cotton Scented Cube


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A beautifully scented cube with a fresh cotton fragrance! This fragrance smells super fresh and clean, and it will make your home smell clean all the time! The perfect scent for spring!

Scented cubes are solid home perfume cubes, which are handmade in Morroco. Place them on a dish in your home, and it will keep the room smelling amazing! You can also store it in a cotton or organza bag and hang it in your closet. If they lose their fragrance intensity, you can break or shave them into pieces to reintensify the scent. They make great gifts because you don’t need an aroma diffuser or the like to use them!

Always store them on a dish or in a bag, as they can leave stains on your surfaces. Packaged in a sealed kraft bag to preserve the fragrance. Keep away from direct sunlight.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 cm


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