Mirabelle Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser – Deluxe Collection




Mirabelle is a beautiful aroma diffuser with a minimalistic look. The light wood with a white top looks stunning in any decor. The tank holds up to 550ml water, which makes it great for larger rooms! With 7 different light colors, it creates the perfect ambiance.

Our Deluxe collection consists of large-capacity ultrasonic diffusers with a minimalistic wood design. The design fits any interior design and the large water capacity makes it great for larger rooms. Every Deluxe diffuser has a remote and measuring cup and features like mist and light settings. These diffusers make great starter diffusers!

An aroma diffuser is used to disperse fragrance throughout your home. Add water and fragrance (essential oils or fragrance oils) and the diffuser will create an amazing-smelling vapor that will linger in your home! Use different fragrances to create different moods, or to mask unwanted scents. You can use it without fragrance to humidify the air (great for nurseries!) You can even use it as a light!

Dimensions: 17x17x15,5 cm
Capacity: 550ML (up to 40m²)
Timer: 1 hour – 3 hours – 6 hours
Mist settings: low intensity – high intensity
Light: gradient – one color – off
Sound: Silent
Safety: the diffuser will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty.
EU plug.

Additional information

Weight 630 g
Dimensions 16,5 × 16,5 × 16 cm


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